Tax Provisioning and Tax Assurance Advisory

Given recent developments in the global tax arena, tax is now much nearer the top of the boardroom agenda. Tax planning, which might previously have been in the sole domain of the Tax Director, can now be of concern to the CFO, General Counsel, and indeed the wider corporate board.

We have a proven track record in providing tax provisioning assistance to large Irish corporates, under both Irish and US GAAP. Because we don’t have an audit practice we do not face any conflict of interest concerns in doing this work. Our clients can feel comfortable that their tax workings, provided to their statutory auditor, will be complete.

Many Irish companies are now required to produce a compliance statement, where the directors must take personal responsibility for ensuring compliance with a number of provisions of the Irish Acts including all Irish tax legislation. We have a proven track record in assisting our clients ensure that they have sufficient processes in place that the CFO can feel confident that their team are in a position to ensure compliance with Irish tax law.

Country-By-Country reporting was near the top of the agenda for a number of NGOs, within the EU it is now a reality. Additional compliance obligations always create additional risk and stress for our clients. Our clients have confidence that we understand their obligations, and can identify when they have Irish reporting obligations as distinct from obligations elsewhere. We can assist them with the full process, from identifying obligations through complying with those obligations. Given this new focus on group structures and where assets and income (and tax) is located within the group we have pro-actively worked with clients to stream line their groups, to ensure that historic entities and dated tax planning are removed.