Tax Dispute Resolution Services

Tax disputes are never welcome. Tax audits can be hugely disruptive and on occasion can threaten the continuing success of an otherwise vibrant business. Litigation, even to the Tax Appeals Commission, should always be a last resort.

We have a proven track record in settling tax disputes, amicably, where possible. Unprompted disclosures, or even prompted disclosures, can significantly reduce any penalty exposures.

Being prepared for a tax audit and responding in a timely manner can significantly reduce the disruption on the business. Our experienced team can assist clients in preparing for any compliance interventions.

Clients can often feel exposed when meeting with Revenue, and we are always there to ensure that any meeting progresses smoothly, that Revenue are provided with any necessary information in a timely fashion, and that the compliance intervention is not expanded to disrupt the business more than is necessary.

Some-times a totally amicable resolution to a Revenue audit is not possible. On these occasions it serves to be pragmatic, weighing up the cash cost to the business of settling a tax charge they do not believe to be due, against the disruption caused to the business by a prolonged technical appeal.

If a client determines to pursue an appeal we have a detailed knowledge of the Tax Appeals process and can work seamlessly with litigation lawyers to progress the appeal to the Tax Appeals Commission, and beyond, if necessary.