SME Tax Advisory

We invest in client relationships for the long term and think like entrepreneurs. Our clients see us as value driving partners in helping them grow their businesses. Providing an extended suite of services from operational to fundraising to strategic services, operated on a low cost/high value agile business model, we are obsessed with helping our clients succeed.

There are numerous tax supports for small businesses, from R&D tax credits, through the Knowledge Development Box, which can often seem too confusing to claim for small businesses. The perception is that these tax reliefs are designed for, and restricted to multinational enterprises. We work with our clients to claim these reliefs and seek to mitigate up front the potential for any Revenue compliance interventions.

EIIS, as a tax incentivised source of investment, is often not recognised by small businesses for the value it can bring them in terms of raising additional capital. We can assist our clients with seeking EIIS outline approval, but also with ensuring that they continue to comply with the terms of the relief to prevent the relief being clawed back from their investors.

Incentivising key employees and aligning their interests with shareholders can seem difficult. Tax incentivised share schemes like KEEP are undoubtedly valuable to very small companies, but less so to larger SMEs. With our valuation colleagues we can implement non statutory share schemes and provide valuation services to ensure that the correct amount of tax is paid.

Preparing your company for sale can be daunting. The due diligence process can be disruptive. We engage with a number of our SME clients to produce vendor due diligence and identify any tax exposures, allowing them to be settled with Revenue prior to the commencement of purchaser due diligence.