International Tax Planning

Tax is a cost of doing business. Like any other cost, it needs to be managed, however with the right advisors that understand how your business works, tax reliefs can be maximised and tax leakage mitigated.

In the current international tax climate it can be difficult to achieve absolute certainty in relation to tax risk for cross border businesses. Structures which were considered acceptable only a few years ago could now be perceived as aggressive. Change of law risk has increased, including with retroactive effect. Previously unidentified risks such as State aid challenges by the European Commission have become more normal. Clients can suffer reputational risk if they are perceived as engaging in aggressive tax practices, even if that perception is unfounded.

We work with our clients to identify and mitigate as many of these risks as possible.

Whether you are raising funds, investing in research, expanding into new markets or looking to manage payroll costs, our experienced professionals can help you to manage your tax costs and tax risk.

The clients our team have worked with include some of the largest companies in the world in areas such as international tax structuring, M&A, tax efficient financing, tax efficient exploitation of IP, tax audits and project management of complex cross border tax and commercial issues to help them achieve the right balance between cost and risk.

With the support of our colleagues globally we can deal with transfer pricing and country-by-country reporting obligations for the largest groups, including seeking to future proof any work.

Our credo is to work with you, on your priorities, and to your timelines.