Andersen in Ireland delivers a full range of value-added services to our clients including International Tax Planning, SME Tax Advisory, Tax Dispute Resolution Services and Tax Provisioning and Tax Assurance Advisory.

  • International Tax Planning

    Tax is a cost of doing business. Like any other cost, it needs to be managed, however with the right advisors that understand how your business works, tax reliefs can be maximised and tax leakage mitigated.

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  • SME Tax Advisory

    We invest in client relationships for the long term and think like entrepreneurs. Our clients see us as value driving partners in helping them grow their businesses. Providing an extended suite of services from operational to fundraising to strategic services, operated on a low cost/high value agile business model, we are obsessed with helping our clients succeed.

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  • Tax Dispute Resolution Services

    Tax disputes are never welcome. Tax audits can be hugely disruptive and on occasion can threaten the continuing success of an otherwise vibrant business. Litigation, even to the Tax Appeals Commission, should always be a last resort.

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  • Tax Provisioning and Tax Assurance Advisory

    Given recent developments in the global tax arena, tax is now much nearer the top of the boardroom agenda. Tax planning, which might previously have been in the sole domain of the Tax Director, can now be of concern to the CFO, General Counsel, and indeed the wider corporate board.

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